This is only a test.

Will the blog return? Stay tuned!



And now, my friends, we come to the part of the blog in which I ruminate on the internet and the way it affects how we all think. I will address, more specifically, the 404 error message.

Now, I read quite a number of blogs each day. I like seeing what people are up to and reading about what they’re thinking and doing. A lot of personality comes through, along with the knitting, and I feel in some way attached to these individuals. And so, when I click over to a site and am met by the dreaded 404 error message, I become instantly concerned. “Oh dear,” think I, “I hope so-and-so is okay.”

This is actually what I think. Am I crazy? Chances are, the 404 is completely unrelated to said blogger’s personal well-being. I’ve had my own site come up as not found when I was just hanging out, enjoying a hot beverage. I really ought to be thinking, “Oh, I hope Ye Olde Webhosting Company in Skokie, Illinois is okay. I hope some server crash hasn’t caused the archives of my daily read to be lost forever.” And yet, this bizarre transference. Further evidence that proves I am crazy. And you just had to read it. I’m so sorry. I should really place some sort of randomness filter on this site. For everyone’s safety.


The heading sums it up. There’s nothing more to say, really. I joined the raglans, but the long, arduous seaming of the sides and sleeves remains. Will it never end?

In other knitting news, I started the front of the sleeveless shell. I was sorely tempted to start something new, but I knew I would never pick the shell up again if I put it aside now. And so I will finish the shell first. I am a knitter with a will of iron.



I've been thinking about this lately, as I go about my daily life, knitting, not blogging, reading about other people's knitting. I lack knitting chutzpah. I really do.

What in blazes am I talking about? Well, I seem to be in a rut here. When I started knitting seriously again, about eight months ago, I chose fairly basic sweaters to work on, with minimal shaping, simple stitches and solid colors. I've had fun knitting these. They've worked up quickly and come out well. But now I seem to be stuck. I keep choosing these sorts of projects, because I know I can do them, but I seem to shy away from much else. I am somehow afraid that if I work with more colors, or more textures, I will suddenly lose all knitting ability and make a god awful mess of things.

So what happens now? Well, I have several projects in the stash that I am excited about starting soon… so I think I will get to work on those. But after that, it's time to branch out, my friends. Anyone have any clever suggestions of where to go from here? What was your first challenging knitting project?


Enough soul searching. How's the boring knitting going? Pretty darn well. Cable raglan is done and blocked. I seam tonight. In the interim, I started Shriek, a shell knit from Rowanspun DK. It's moving along. I finished the back yesterday and hope to cast on for the front tomorrow. And that's all there is to tell.


Chamonix has arrived. Hooray, hooray. It is all that I had hoped for, and more. In response to Larry's question: I chose a color called Paris, a grey blue. Choosing colors based on onscreen samples always makes me nervous, but I am very happy with how it looks in real life. Sadly, the swatching cannot begin, as the all-important pattern has yet to arrive from KnitPicks. Shoot. I suppose it will help keep me faithful to the cabled raglan seaming, though. Everything happens for a reason. And all that jazz.



Well, my friends, things are moving along. I did indeed seam the Serendipitous Cardigan this weekend. Nice job, self. Thanks to everyone who took a moment to share your finishing wisdom, it was much appreciated. As I had feared, the Circus yarn did make the process a pain, but the fuzziness closed in around the seams and rendered them nearly invisible. All in all, the seams look pretty damn good. The verdict on Serendipitous? It’s a little baggier than I had hoped. I think it will be more useful as a jacket sort of item, rather than the wear-to-work cardigan I had hoped for. Live and learn.

Cabled raglan is coming right along. I have a little more cabling to do on the final sleeve raglan, and then it’s all over but the finishing. Finishing will probably wait until the weekend, because that is the sort of person I am.

And so, Koigu scarf is done, Serendipitous is done, the completion of cabled raglan is imminent… what now? Well, I should probably get right back on the horse with the cabled sleeveless turtleneck. You know, not let the tragic frogging keep me down. I think that Shriek, another sleeveless top made from Rowanspun DK, is clamoring for attention, too. But, beyond those, there are not so many stash projects on the horizon. I am catching up with my stash. So. What did I go and do today? Yes, I bought some yarn. And why? Because


I swear to you, at some future time, when I am aged approximately 92, you will see me down at the dollar store, scooping up hideously scented blueberry votive candles by the dozen, just because they are cheap. I can see that I will be that sort of person. It’s so sad.

Today, in my daily blog crawl, I came upon the news that Elann had Jaeger Chamonix on sale. Well, I thought, how good a sale? 47% off, as it happens. And that is good enough for me. Yes, I got enough to make a cabled sweater from Jaeger 8. But it gets worse. I do not have a copy of Jaeger 8. Where could I get one? Perhaps KnitPicks? Yes, KnitPicks came through. While there, I was unable to stop myself from checking the weekly sale. What was on sale? Rowan Cork. Just what I need! I tell you, I am mentally sick. I need help. Can someone recommend an addiction counselor?

And the worst part? This is all winter yarn. Soon, I will need summer yarn. Oh, it is a horrible downward spiral. The coffers of my stash will be full once again. Excuse me now, please, I have to go hang my head in shame.



Wow. This blog has gotten pretty boring lately. Anyone reading out there? No? Well, I brought it upon myself. Fact is, there’s been a dearth of updates here because I’ve been knitting a fair amount this week. Over the weekend, I cam e to the realization that I have some lovely late winter/early spring projects on the needles that need finishing before the weather here in Connecticut turns to hot, humid and hazy. And so, I got down to business.

Koigu scarf is done. Hooray! I’ve been wearing it this week, and it is lovely. It makes me want to make something else from Koigu, just maybe not as repetitive as a scarf. I love the shawls I have seen on other blogs, but I think I lack the discipline to complete one. Such a shame.

Serendipitous cardigan is done and blocked. Seaming awaits. I loathe seaming, so I am putting it off for the weekend, allegedly so I can work on it in natural light. Yes, my justification skills are developing nicely, thank you very much. I made the cardigan in Artful Yarns’ Circus, a very fuzzy boucle. I can’t decide if the fuzz factor will help the finishing, in that it will disguise the potentially bad job I will do, or if it will make it harder, in that I won’t be able to see what I am doing and do a truly hideous job. Very stressful. And yet, I must overcome. I will be strong. If anyone has any seaming tips for this stuff, just call them on out.

Cabled raglan is coming along. Front is done. Sleeve one is scheduled for completion tonight. Sleeve two is scheduled for commencement tonight. Moving right along here, folks. No screwing this one up now! (Having said that, I am now doomed to rip out four inches of cable tonight. Will I never learn?) I am hoping to finish it this weekend as well. Maybe it will be a part of the grand seaming party with Serendipitous. (Two finishing projects? I may be driven to drink this weekend. Please ignore any sloppy, rambling blog entries that may appear. Thank you.)

Cabled sleeveless pullover is frogged. Curses! I had a tension issue. For some reason, when I switched from knitting to purling on the wide ribs, I was getting a column of loose stitches. It was bad enough that it seemed to warrant ripping, making another practice swatch, and starting over. I really like this sweater… so I would like it to come out nicely. I will not start again, however, until the seaming madness is over. Some discipline must be maintained.

And that’s the story, my friends. No time to be amusing. Must knit. Knit like the wind. Yes.



How true. I'm sorry. The fact is, I've been doing a bit of socializing lately, and my knitting has suffered. I have found it to be difficult to pull out the knitting when spending time with non-knitting friends. They seem to think that you are either bored by their company, or ignoring them, or a combination of the two. In any case, I am hoping to get things back on track this week.


Back before I began knitting seriously, I was an avid crocheter. (Why is "knitter" a word and "crocheter" not a word? Is there a term I do not know, meaning "one who crochets"? Help, please.) I have mentioned my crochet several times in the past, and I apologize to those who may be getting tired of hearing it. It's just a little update for those who might be new to the story, people. In any case, one of my biggest reasons for conquering the world of knitting was the wide array of attractive patterns available. Crochet patterns were so often limited to afghans (nice, but big) and truly hideous, tent-like sweaters. And so I moved over to knitting, craft of cute little tops. (And socks! Oh, I want to make some! Must finish Koigu scarf first! Dang!)

But now, just as I am approaching a level of knitting that I will optimistically term "intermediate," crochet is everywhere. The latest Family Circle Easy Knitting is loaded with crochet. Even the spring/summer Rowan has crochet. What happened? I am secretly delighted, of course, because, with crochet, I can tackle even the "expert" projects with aplomb. Crochet expert? Yep, that's me. And so, I am thinking about making the little crocheted cardigan in the Rowan magazine. Just because I can. And because it might be nice with skirts.


I have a few other crochet-related musings, which I will include here, as it seems like an appropriate moment.

Musing 1. Has anyone made the granny square skirt which was in the first issue of Knit It? I do not have the magazine, but I remember it being sort of nice. Can anyone tell me how many squares around, etc. it was? Just looking for a jumping off point, here.

Musing 2. Rowan 33 has a little feature on a new book by Erika Knight called Simple Crochet. Research has shown me that this has already been published in the UK, but will not be released here until September. Has anyone seen it? Any UK readers out there? Any readers out there at all? No? Shoot. Anyway, if there does happen to be someone reading who has seen this book, could you let me know if it looks nice? Worth ordering from Amazon UK? Or, if you're feeling particularly interactive, would you like to trade a copy for some US-only product? I'm not sure what that product would be, but I am open to suggestions.



Sorry for the lack of updates here. The truth is, I’ve been feeling a touch ashamed. I know you all want to hear the story, so… here goes. I’ve always been a one project sort of person. This dates back to the crochet days, when I would work on a single project for three years, finish it at last, and have it not fit. (The root of my current measuring obsession can be found there, too. I can’t go five rows without checking that my gauge hasn’t gone off.) In any case, I enjoy the process of knitting, but I also enjoy a nice, finished sweater. At least, I like the idea of the finished sweater, even if it goes bad now and again, and this keeps me on the proverbial straight and narrow, plugging away incessantly at the project of the moment.

Now that I am becoming a more proficient knitter, however, it has become harder to work on a single project. You see, I now understand the virtues of having multiple projects, of varying levels of complexity, going at one time. You have your easy project, for tv-watching, you have your small project, for toting around, and you have your complicated project, for those times when you want to feel skillful. I’m sure you all know what I mean. So, I tend to have three projects going at once and limit myself to that.

But this weekend, that went out the window. It all started when I made three stupid mistakes in a row on the front of the cabled raglan, necessitating the ripping out of all the cables. Dang. I won’t even go into the stupid mistakes, because they were just too stupid to tell. Now, the cabled raglan is my easy project, for tv-watching. Obviously, if I was screwing up on that one, it was not the time to upgrade to the skillful project. No, sir. At the same time, I didn’t want to waste my portable project, sitting at home, watching the Oscars. I need to save that for taking to work, etc. You with me?

So it happened. I started a fourth project. I know. It’s so shameful. I am now making the “Serendipitous Cardigan” from Hollywood Knits. (I am using Artful Yarns’ Circus, which is knitting to gauge nicely, but on a smaller needle than the pattern calls for. Don’t you just love these technical asides?) It is shockingly easy and knits very quickly. How quickly? I started the thing during the Oscars, and tonight I will be starting the sleeves. Back and fronts are done. And I am no speed demon with the needles. So… unfaithful I may be, but it’s only a brief fling. I’ll be back to knitting cabled raglan in a day or two… possibly while wearing my cozy new cardigan.


Well, thanks for clearing up my confusion, dear readers. LOL = Laughing out loud. Good to know. But I have to admit, I like "Lady of the Lake" better. It’s a bit like referring to that Dave Eggers book as AHWOSG. But less annoying. Because I hate that AHWOSG acronym. I can’t even believe I just typed it into the blog. But it’s there now. Nothing to be done. This concludes the acronym-using portion of the blog. Don’t be looking for them again, because they won’t be here. Except for “radar,” because I sure won’t be typing out “radio detecting and ranging.” We all have to draw the line somewhere.